Wall Beds Chappaqua

Beds present a serious conundrum to homeowners and renters alike. While completely integral, they take up a tremendous amount of space that cannot be used for anything else due to the difficulties surrounding moving and storing mattresses, box springs, and the like. This issue is only compounded when visitors arrive, or you move into a single apartment. Thankfully, California Closets has resolved the problem with wall beds Chappaqua. While comfortable and pleasant, your wall beds Chappaqua can fold neatly into a closet unit--turning what was formally a less-than-versatile room into anything you'd like it to be.

Exploring Possibilities With Wall Beds Chappaqua

Consider what your home would be if every room could act as something else, if only temporarily. Wall beds Chappaqua can help you unleash another side of your home. Whether you're hoping to establish a work space for your hobbies, or are needing a way to turn your den into a bedroom, these versatile products from your friends at California Closets will put a new spin on your home.

The Single Apartment Benefits

Adding a wall bed into your single apartment opens up a whole world of possibilities. Where previously you only had space for the bed, now you have the ability to entertain guests, work out, or roll out some chairs and a small table for a poker game. Our wall beds Chappaqua fit neatly into a closet system, which are also usable when not acting as a support for your bed. Install hanger rods, or shelves, and create a lovely atmosphere for you to call home.

Toss Out The Air Beds

If you've ever woken up in the morning on a flat air mattress with a knot in your neck, you know how unpleasant the experience is. Give the possibility of it occurring again the heave-ho with wall beds Chappaqua. Your guests will net themselves a fantastic night's sleep on a comfortable mattress that is easy to unfurl. California Closets employs a very easy to use rolling mechanism or the traditional fold down method to make turning any room into a bedroom a snap.

A New Tune With Wall Beds Chappaqua

Give your home a new spin while building the confidence you need to entertain friends and family with wall beds Chappaqua. Give California Closets a jingle to set up a free in-home consultation!