Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Chapel Hill

With an increasing need for space as our families grow and the world seems to get smaller, there is more and more of a need to maximize the space we are fortunate enough to have. If you’ve been searching for solutions, Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds are it!

Chapel Hills Wall Beds & Murphy Beds = Solutions

You’d be surprised at how many people have changed their minds about Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds being a thing of the past.  The more time we at California Closets spend getting to know our customers, the more we find that Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds are the solution for a wide array of storage quandaries.

• Create multi-function rooms in your home.  Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds are designed to embed themselves in the design of home offices, media centers, and bookshelves so that you get the comfort of a bedroom with the function of something else.

• The design of your Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds is just as important as its function, which is why they are not only useful but also stylish.  The design you choose can be used to reinvent the current look of a room or add on to its preexisting feel.

• In addition to being stylish and functional, your Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds are also easy to use.  No more fussing to make a bed from a couch or work with poorly designed futons.  The wall beds we’ve designed are simple and user-friendly so that you can accommodate guests at the drop of a hat.

Your Very Own Chapel Hill Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

The choice seems obvious-- create space in your home while at the same time upgrading its edge.  You can have it all with your very own Chapel Hill wall beds & Murphy beds.  Call today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation!