Closet Systems for an Organized Champaign Home

Every closet situation is unique. Some closets must share the space with home essentials such as electric breaker box panels, cable boxes, water heaters, etc. The type of door a closet has and which way it opens can also present unique challenges. And most importantly, the contents of every closet is different -- not only from customer to customer, but within a home, from room to room.

Commonly Asked Questions About Closet Systems

California Closets knows that closet organization systems can be a confusing topic. To help you learn a bit more about your options, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Champaign closet systems.

What are closet systems?

Closet systems are a system of storage boxes, shelves, drawers, hooks and racks that make your closet a well-organized storage area. With closet systems, your closet will be tidy and uncluttered, and it becomes easier to locate the items you need.

Why do I need closet systems?

A disorganized closet is a nightmare. Not only will you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, and at inopportune times like when you are running late for a meeting or picking up the kids,  but sifting through a disorganized closet only leads to more clutter and disarray. 

Should I use freestanding or wall-hung closet systems?

Freestanding or wall-hung are the two main options for professional closet systems, and many people choose to combine the two. Wall-hung units do not have to be attached to studs, though with studs they can carry heavier loads, which is important when thinking about long-term use of closet systems.

Freestanding closet systems, or modular systems, give you the ability to mount units on walls or ceiling if possible. But they are also portable, in case you want to move the closet in the future. Many California Closets closet systems are a hybrid of the two types, utilizing hanging rods and shelves that are connected to drawer units, which rest on the ground. Depending on your specific needs, we will design closet systems to suit.

Ready for Closet Systems?

Get started on closet systems today by contacting California Closets Champaign to schedule a free, in-home design consultation. We will listen to your specific needs and design a closet system that will fit them best.