Closet Design Cedarburg

If you’ve been looking for the perfect moment to take the leap into a new you, this might be it. With a Cedarburg closet design from California Closets, you’ll be able to rejuvenate your home and your life in it! We help you fully customize a storage solution based on the needs of your home and your personal style.

Easy As Counting to Three

With our easy as 1-2-3 process, your installation of the Cedarburg closet design will be stress free!  This is how we do it:

The Blueprint

Firstly, our consultants work with you to assess the needs of your storage issues, and help you draw up a blueprint for the structure of your Cedarburg closet design.

The Specifics

We can help you build the Cedarburg closet design you precisely need through a series of choices based on structure.  Choose from bins, racks, hanger space, drawers, and more to get the most of the space.  Also, choose between colors, build materials, and other stylistic elements to match your homes decor.

The Build

All the parts will ship directly to your home in one batch so as not to waste your time or energy.  Then our expert builders will come and put together your Cedarburg closet design in a way that will make its presence subtle and its effects felt!


If this sounds like exactly what you need to resuscitate your home, call us today for more information about a Cedarburg closet design.