Custom Closets Cazenovia

It’s very easy to forget what you have in your closet if you can’t see it. It is even more frustrating to be searching for that special shirt you know you have but can’t seem to find in a messy closet. So for all those interested in getting the most use out of your wardrobe, check out Cazenovia custom closets. We design closets that optimize the space you have available and make your wardrobe as accessible as it should be.

Cazenovia Custom Closets Built For You

Custom closets Cazenovia can help you create a balanced and visually appealing design. Here are a few tips our designers have suggested to make the most out of your closet.

1) Store your accessories

California Closets offers a variety of different ways to store all of your accessories and jewelry. We have built in drawer dividers that separate and organize your items in a presentable way. We also offer velvet lining to keep your jewelry tucked away in your drawers.

2) Install hooks

Hooks are a great way to hold random items of clothing or accessories. Whether you like to hang your robe on a hook, or your lint brush, hooks serve as a great tool to easily access the items you might use more often.

3) Use storage baskets

Storage can be done aesthetically as well. Design spaces to place storage baskets to hold the items you use less often. Baskets are ideal for organizing your clothing in a fashionable way.

4) Lighting

You don’t necessarily need bright lights to view your clothes, but your custom closet should take lighting into account. You can decide to incorporate natural light though a window or from outside of the closet, or you can also install lighting in the shelves or ceiling of your closet. Either way, it is important to be able to see your wardrobe to be able to pick out what you are going to wear.

Every step of the way

Cazenovia custom closets will remind you what to keep in mind during the design process while providing you with craftsmanship and utmost quality.