Closet Design Carson City

What differentiates California Closets from the competition is the quality, selection, service and design process, which combines all of those into one experience. Carson City residents love the closet design process because it puts them at the center of creativity and as far away from a headache as possible.

The Carson City Closet Design Procedure

The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your local franchise of California Closets by phone or through the website. The company will send a professional design consultant to your house for a meeting free of charge.

This is when the planning begins. The consultant will do a survey of the storage space, assessing the potential and taking measurements to determine wall capacity, and room for hanging and shelving space.

They will ask you questions to help guide you and flush out your vision for the project. What are your storage needs? How does the current design fail to meet those needs? How do you envision using the space in your Carson City home? Good closet design starts with good communication.

The next step is mapping the conversation you had with the consultant onto a computer program. The software renders your home in three dimensions, allowing you to do a virtual walkthrough of the space. The software lets you experiment with the configuration, color, and style, making you the designer of your own Carson City closet design project.

Ready for Enjoyment: Carson City Closet Design

With the plans finalized, manufacturing and installing the closet design in your Carson City home takes no time at all. You will feel right at home surrounded by a product that you helped design.