Wall Beds Carmel

In an area of palatial ocean-side estates, one does not normally think of wall bed installations. At California Closets Carmel wall bed requests have increased dramatically in the last several years. As homeowners try to do more with less, more and more people are turning to wall beds. Local residents are realizing that wall beds are not only for the urban studio dweller, but can be used for many different reasons and in many different contexts. Review our online gallery or visit our local showroom to check out our latest Carmel wall beds installations.

The Carmel Wall Beds Company For All Residents

Our designers have installed wall beds for many local Carmel residents.  While their home and lifestyles have been very diverse, they have all returned to express gratitude for their new wall bed installations.  Wall beds have been said to maximize usable space, increase functionality and add flexibility to the homes in which they are installed.  The word is getting out, sign up for a free in-home design consultation today and explore wall beds opportunities in your home stress-free.

We believe in hiring the best Carmel wall beds professionals so that we can offer our customers a designer that knows as much about design as they do about local needs and customer service.  We hope that the combination of design and service excellence will ensure that all projects go smoothly and end successfully.

The Best Wall Beds Solutions

It is our goal to spread the wall beds word, in the hopes that more Carmel residents experience the benefits.  Our local designers look forward to installing a wall bed that fits seamlessly into their home’s aesthetic and personal budget.  Call for a free in-home design consultation to get your wall bed installed soon.