Helping You With Office Storage Carmel

No matter if you work in an office in town or if you work from home - office storage can be a real challenge. When work gets busy, it’s easy to just let the piles of paper to grow until you have no idea where to start in the process of sorting and completing everything. One of the biggest mistakes people make in office organization today is they feel they need to have everything they are working on out and visible on their desk. But the question then becomes – if this is your work surface and it is covered with the things you are working on… where do you work? California Closets Carmel has an amazing range of office storage solutions that can be customized to perfectly fit any commercial or home office space. There is no better way to optimize every of your office storage.

Tips From Our Experts For Your Carmel Office Storage

Here are some tips from the storage experts at California Closets Carmel to help you maintain a functional and productive office space.

- A great way to start organizing or reorganizing your office is to see yourself as a bulls eye on a target. You are at the center of the bulls eye and everything moves out in concentric circles from there in order of importance. Those things that you access most frequently or that have the highest importance factor, need to be close at hand and easy to access. Then everything else can move out from there.

- Another important office organization tip is to have one place only where you keep all notes. Your to-do lists, phone call back lists, task lists all need to be in one allocated stop on your desk. Some people keep these notes on their computer – this is great but make sure all notes are kept only on the computer and in one file. Having lists and post it notes scattered over your desk makes it very difficult to follow up on everything and you risk leaving an important ‘to do’ unresolved.

- It’s also a good idea to set up your desk and filing cabinets according to whether you are left or right handed. If you are right handed, your documents and important files should be easily accessible from you right side and vice versa if you are left handed.

- There are amazing custom office organization solutions available today for both commercial and home offices. Your local California Closets store has a wide range of office organization systems. Drop in today and one of the friendly design team take you through the many office organization systems available right now.