Custom Shelving Carmel: Perfection In Your Home

Carmel has some of the most beautiful homes in America and it's important to Carmel homeowners that their storage solutions not just practical necessities but contribute to and enhance the design aesthetic of their homes. California Closets Carmel can create custom shelving to fit perfectly in any space in your home. Their design team will work with you to determine the details of the items you need to store or display on your shelves and to make sure they create the effect you want in your. Open shelving for books for example gives a textured and homely feel to a room. Clean and subtle shelving can provide perfect display spaces for your ornaments, flowers, and plants ensuring they flow in a room. Stop by California Closets today and talk to one of their in-store designers about how to transform your home with custom shelving.

Carmel Custom Shelving: Our Amazing Range

California Clostets Carmel have an amazing range of custom closet shelving options that can either be installed as their own seperate shelving unit, or as part of a large custom storage solutions.

Here are some of our amazing shelving options:

The flat adjustable shelf

- This shelf sits flat in a cabinet. It is adjustable every inch and a quarter so you you can have multiple shelves stacked closesly on top of each other for a bookcase, or spaced further for display storage.

The pull-out shelf

- This is another flat shelving option, but the pull out shelf also slides out from the cabinet like a drawer. This is great so you can fold clothes and place them on the flat surface then slide them in - it saves you having to reach to the back of a shelf if you need an item.

The pull-out tray

- Like the pull-out shelf it also slides out from the cabinet, but also has a side shelving around it. This is great for storing small items like clutch purses, or small toys in a childs closet.

The work space

- This is similar to the pull out shelf in that it is a flat surface that pulls out from a cabinet. The work space is different in that it is full supported so you have an area you can sort items, fold them for packing, organize your accesories - it is a perfect place to get ready for the day.

Stop by California Closets Carmel today and let one of the in-store designers take you through the many shelving options available right now to transform how you use your home storage spaces.