Cardiff By The Sea Wall Beds Offer Comfort And Convenience

With such stunning natural beauty surrounding you, chances are you're familiar with the occasional guest popping in during the summer hoping to take in some rays. While hosting friends and family is usually a fun, engaging experience, finding places for everyone to sleep comfortably can sometimes be a chore. You don't want to sacrifice comfort in the name of convenience, but you also want to maintain maximum usability of spaces that wouldn't be in use while housing a full time mattress. To get the best of both worlds, you need Cardiff By The Sea wall beds from California Closets. Folding up and into a closet system, these full, comfortable mattresses will provide the versatility you require as a homeowner and the compassion you desire as a host.

No Solution Better Than Cardiff By The Sea Wall Beds

Air Mattresses Be Gone

After a day running around on the beach, you and your guests will be spent. While setting a pump to inflate an air mattress is a nice feature, you're sacrificing in the comfort department, as these devices don't provide much in the way of support. Cardiff By The Sea wall beds are real mattresses that are easily deployed with just a quick roll-out or pull-down motion. When it's time for the evening to wind down, you won't have to worry about quickly changing the dynamic of a room; you'll be able to make any room a bedroom in no time at all.

Stylish When In Upright Position

As you'll notice in our inspiration gallery, Cardiff By The Sea wall beds are visually-pleasing devices that make stylistic contributions to any space. As is the case with all California Closets projects, you're highly involved in choosing the aesthetic aspects. With the wood grain of your choice and the hardware that you like, these devices will look great while helping you stay organized with valuable, space-saving tools that work.