Closet Systems Cardiff by the Sea

Do you feel restricted by the limited amount of closet space you have? Do you own more clothes than your closet can even handle? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover how Cardiff By the Sea closet systems by California Closets can expand your space to help fit all of your belongings! How do they do it? Cardiff By the Sea closet systems maximize every inch of space in your closet by tailoring each aspect of your closet design around you – around your lifestyle, personality, needs and goals. In doing so, we create closet solutions that are both practical and efficient.

Expand Your Capacity

For years, Cardiff By the Sea closet systems have helped people reinvent their spaces and reveal their closet’s potential. It sounds complicated, but the process is pretty simple:

Set up a free consultation with an experienced designer by giving us a call or email. After evaluating your space, the design consultant will discuss your needs and goals for your space. They’ll work with you to find the perfect solutions that reflect your lifestyle and personality. They’ll ask you questions like “how do you currently use your space?” and “what changes would you like to see?” Through these questions, your personal designer will be able to mock up a several options that tailor to your needs and wants.

Once you’ve finalized the design process, your Cardiff By the Sea closet system will be manufactured according to your chosen design and specifications. Once built, the experienced installers will arrive at your home in the morning and installation will be done by the afternoon. Simple as that!

Take The First Step

Take the first step to organization and give us a call today to schedule your free consultation! Before you know it, you’ll be a proud owner of a brand new, custom-designed closet, one that will help organize not only your clothes, but also your life!