Garage Storage Capital District

Many people view their garage as a place to park their car and casually store things that they may not immediately need. While this is true, those who choose to look beyond a garage's traditional uses may be surprised that a formerly ignored area can be converted into a versatile, multi-purpose room with a few quick changes. In collaboration with California Closets Capital District, your garage storage solutions will present themselves in an efficient, beautiful, and effective manner, that will help you find the extra space you desire, allowing you to fully utilize every inch of your home.

The Area You've Always Wanted

Work Space For The Handyman

Take pride in your craftiness with a space set aside to put your tool collection to good use. With a garage storage Capital District design from California Closets, you'll be able to carve out a niche to display the tools that you cherish and get back to working on your hobbies and around the house. Neatly organize your electric drills and wrenches with custom hooks designed to meet your specific needs.

Storing Valuable Items?

Garages can be home to a number of valuable items, from sporting equipment to record collections. Rest easy knowing that your valuables are safely locked away with a garage storage solution that satisfies your safety needs. Personalize your cupboards and shelves on your garage storage Capital District design with padlocks meant to keep your items securely stored.

Outdoor Hobby Home

With the use of convenient wall mounts, you'll be able to elevate your bikes to give you that few extra feet between yourself and your car door. Wakeboards, sleds, and snowboards can fit snugly into your garage storage Capital District design, and can provide a home for them during the different offseasons.

Take Back Your Garage From The Clutches Of Clutter!

Call your Garage Storage Capital District friends at California Closets to schedule your design consultation and feel at ease after dispelling the myth that garages are simply for cars.