Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Cape Cod

Have you been struggling to make just a tiny bit more space in your home? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to be more prepared to treat guests with the hospitality they deserve? Either way, a simple solution is our Cape Cod wall beds.

Transform Your Home!

With the comfort and convenience of Cape Cod Murphy beds, you can fully transform a bedroom into an office, or a home library into a guest room.  The possibilities are endless! With the help of our trained consultants, the wall bed is fully customized by you to match your needs and expand your home’s possibilities.

When we say fully customized, we mean it.  Our Cape Cod wall beds are created through your vision.  You provide the ideas and the blueprint, and our consultants will work with you to make sure your wall bed fits exactly how and where you want it, does exactly what you need, and matches the current personality of you and your home!  With an infinite number of design schemes, colors, materials, and styles, we’ll be sure to build the wall bed you imagine.

At California Closets, we think our customers deserve the best.  That is why we only build from locally sourced materials of the highest grade.  That is why we train our consultants and builders so thoroughly.  It’s why your roll or fold out Cape Cod Murphy beds will give the sleeper endless nights of comfort.  We pride ourselves in giving you the best.

We're Ready When You Are

Call today if you are ready to add a bed and clear up space in your home.  We are waiting by the phone to help you get precisely what you need from your Cape Cod wall beds.