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Cape Cod has some of the most beautiful homes in America. California Closets Cape Cod is passionate about meeting the specific storage needs of Cape Cod residents - while maintaining the inspired design and unmatched customer service that is synonymous with the California Closets name. For over two decades California Closets Cape Cad has been a proud member of the Cape Cod community. You will find that we have a dedication to locally sourced quality products and competitive prices that you be able to find nowhere else. If you are searching for a partner to help you design and create a beautiful and distinctive custom closets or other storage systems personalized to your home, California Closets Cape Cod is here to offer expert service every step of the way - from design to installation.

Five Custom Closet Myths – Busted!

We’ve all had those moments when you have to pull out that huge pile of t-shirts in order to find that designer tee buried in the bottom of your drawer. The process takes a long time and then you have to refold and reorganise the pile of t-shirts. Imagine transforming your closet space so that all your clothes are accessible all the time! Any closet space in your home (reach in or walk in) can benefit from the space optimization of a custom closet – and it’s more affordable than you might think. Here are some myths about custom closets that need to be dispelled.

Myth: Custom closets are only for wealthy people with lots of money and time on their hands.
The Truth: With so many different options available, it's easier than ever for anyone to afford a custom closet. Explain to us your specific storage needs and let us design something that's perfect for you - and within your budget. With little time and a small budget, a custom closet is absolutely within reach.

Myth: My custom closets will look similar to everyone else's closet, so what's the point?
The Truth: We all have different preferences, styles, tastes and of course, unique closet spaces. Here at California Closets Cape Cod, we know that better than anyone and can give you a huge range of design options and styles. Say goodbye to those generic, one-size-fits-all closet solutions. Simply put, the only to maximize your space (and your life) is to create a custom closet that meets your unique needs and space.

Myth: Getting custom closets installed will break the bank.
The Truth: Custom closets and other home storage solutions vary tremendously in terms of cost, but there is definitely a variety of very affordable permanent and non-permanent solutions for your home closet that will help organize your space.

Myth: Custom closets are for obsessively organized people.
The Truth: You may not color-code your socks in a drawer or arrange your jeans by the date you bought them, but you still want to be able to find your belongings when you’re searching for them. Well-organized custom closets can make the process of getting dressed in the morning much easier, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Myth: Once you’ve had your custom closets designed and installed, there's no changing things around.
The Truth: Even most permanent custom closet solutions have adjustable shelves and flexibility to change as your wardrobe changes. Your life is constantly changing and evolving and as a result so are your storage needs. If you'd like a solution that allows you the flexibility to re-arrange your closet, let your designer know! We will gladly cater to every single one of your needs.

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