Closet Company Canton

Are you new to California Closets? Would you like to know how you could transform your home with smart and stylish storage? We are the Canton closet company offering an innovative design process that puts your creativity and goals front and center.

A Canton Closet Company For Vision to Execution

The first step in the design process is a complimentary consultation with one of our experts that takes place at your home. The goal of this initial meeting is to understand what your goals for the storage space are and assess the potential inherent in it.

How is the space falling short? What needs would you like to prioritize for the long term? How can we turn what seem like limitations into innovative features of your future closet?

These questions help us identify the contours of the project. We measure the area for wall capacity, hanging space and shelving space. We take the parameters and create a three-dimensional rendering of the plan. This stage is hands-on—you become the designer. The unique software we use allows you to do a virtual walk through on screen. You can alter the design as you go. Experiment with layout, color, accessories, hardware and much more.

By giving you the reigns we ensure that the final product is customized to your exact needs and tastes.  This is how your Canton closet company operates. With the plans finalized, your closets are manufactured and installed in no time.

The Closet Company Canton Residents Trust

Give us a call today to get started! This Canton closet company is sure to help your home!