Cambridge Wall Beds

When it comes to designing your living space there are two elements typically at the forefront of your mind: comfort and space. From the intimacy of your bedroom to more social areas like your living room, you crave places that promote happiness and easy movement. Create the best of both within your home with wall beds Cambridge from California Closets. No matter if you would like to multi-purpose your bedroom area or living room, or just need an extra bed for friends and family: we have you covered. California Closets has over thirty years of experience when it comes to getting people exactly what they want out of their homes. Trust in us to deliver wall beds that guarantee a good nights sleep without sacrificing your square footage. With wall beds Cambridge, you’ll be prepared for any situation that life throws your way.

Those In The Know Choose Wall Beds Cambridge

Instant Comfort 

The convenience of wall beds Cambridge is unmatched. These are not your typical wall beds for one thing, you can place them anywhere you please. Choose the traditional pull down method and enjoy the ability to disguise the blank wall as extra shelving. Our wall beds Cambridge can also be implemented a roll-out structures and can be constructed to extend beneath a desk or entertainment center. 

Endless Possibilities 

There are a million different ways to use these wall beds Cambridge, we’re sure you can think of some that will improve the space in your home. Knowing just where to place your wall beds Cambridge most effectively may seem a little tricky. Never fear, when you call California Closets we instantly match you with a design professional who can help.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Schedule a complimentary in home consultation today! It’s always a good time to get started with wall beds Cambridge.