Tesoro: Rich Italian Finishes Inspired By Fashion

The Tesoro Collection of finishes sets a new benchmark in home décor. Rich wood textures evoke the stunning dynamics of the fashion industry with a play of deep textures and intriguing color contrasts.

The Tesoro Collection was inspired by materials discovered at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair and is imported exclusively for California Closets.

Your house is a blank canvas from which to compose the masterpiece that is your life. Tesoro is our gift to you – a dynamic paintbrush to reimagine your spaces as you always dreamed they could be. Tesoro’s distinct grace defies compromise and creates a quiet comfort that will welcome you into its warm embrace.

Put very simply, Tesoro feels like home.


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Vibrant and mellow, Cappuccino possesses a deep, dulcet tone that furnishes your home with a palpable warmth. A sumptuous delight for the soul.

Cassini Beach

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Evocative of beautiful, sun-drenched sands on Italian shores, Cassini Beach is subtle, rich, comfortably familiar, and fresh at the same time. Paired with bold colors, this finish adds dramatic style to any room.

Corsican Weave

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Corsican Weave offers the look and comfort of a favorite herringbone jacket that never goes out of style. Classic and inviting, Corsican Weave has a depth of texture rarely found in a wood finish, creating an inviting tactile sensation.


Linen adds a timeless charm and warmth to any room in a way that only a textured finish like this can provide. Invoking memories of another era with its clean, contemporary feel, Linen gives you class as well as simplicity.


The Tesoro Collection - Pietra

Taken from the Italian word for 'stone,' Pietra instantly transports you to a place where style and beauty, form and function, all live in harmony.

Tuscan Moon

Custom Storage Systems

A minimalist classic, Tuscan Moon presents a muted background to layer with the vivid colors and eyecatching textures of your prized possessions.