Survey Says: Better Organization = Less Stress!

We recently conducted a survey of homeowners to learn more about their personal experiences with organization.

And we got some very interesting results!

Most women (61%) and half of men surveyed say their home isn’t cluttered, but they occasionally misplace items.

That sounds pretty good, right?

Better Organization is a Top Priority

But even when our respondents said they were organized, they still wanted to be more organized. In fact, a whopping 83% of women would like their homes to be more organized.

Disorganization definitely has its downsides:

  • 42% of women are frustrated about the state of organization in their home.
  • 40% of men find that disorganization makes everything take longer because they can’t find anything.

Life would be better with better organization:

  • 43% of women say they’d feel relaxed and in control with better organization.
  • 26% of women say they’d feel proud of their home with better organization.

Where does the disorganization come from?

  • 53% of women are sentimentalists – they have a hard time letting go of anything memorable, from concert tickets to kids’ art projects to favorite clothing items that don’t fit anymore.

Men and women both have priorities for getting their homes more organized:

  • 88% of women are likely or very likely to attempt to be more organized. It’s on their to-do lists!
  • Their top choices for achieving an organized home are an organized bedroom closet (28%) and an organized kitchen pantry (26%).
  • 34% of men want to organize their garage, followed by 23% who want to organize their home office.

Can you relate?

If you’re feeling stressed and frustrated by clutter, holding onto too many sentimental belongings, or getting bogged down in inefficiency - it doesn’t have to be this way! By taking just a few small steps, it’s possible to make lasting organizational changes that make you feel in control and relaxed.

According to Ginny Snook Scott, our chief organization officer and frequent blogger, “True organization is both an art and a science. If you merely neaten, clutter will return a month later; do it right, and you’ll have organizational bliss.”

So how do you keep items that are meaningful to you, without creating disorganization and chaos?

The answer isn’t trash bags, but better organization systems. There should be a perfect home for everything you own. When you design the right storage system, everything falls into place.

And there’s a big payoff: True organization can save you four weeks a year from looking for things. That means more time, less stress.

Take Control of Your Living Space

  • Bedroom Closet: When organizing a clothes closet, place hangers in backwards and return items to the closet with the hanger facing forward. After six months, remove clothing that has not been worn (the “backward hangers”) and store elsewhere or give to charity.
  • Home Office: Create and label hanging files that can be easily accessed to store receipts, bills, recipes and other loose papers to avoid unwanted accumulation of paper on desks and counters.
  • Kitchen: Do you stack cans three deep in your cabinets and forget what you've got way in the back? Store canned goods and spices on their side in drawers to prevent the “food museum” in the back of the cabinet. You’ll avoid purchasing duplicates of foods and spices that were lost in the back.
  • Kid’s room: Make sure rods and shelving are low enough to reach; an adjustable system will change along with the child’s needs as they grow.
  • Garage: Use containers, racks, baskets and wall hooks to keep garage contents off the floor for safety and easy access.

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