Make the Most of Your Storage: Accessorize

Everyone has different needs and priorities for taking care of their belongings with ease and style. So when you're designing storage systems for your home, the first rule of fashion also applies: Accessorize!

Incorporating accessories into your custom system will add the details that make your system unique and personalized for your specific needs.

Here are some of our favorite ways to customize with accessories:

Shoe racks

  • Get your shoes out of their boxes and onto shoe racks or rails so you can easily find them and match them to your outfits.
  • Place shoes upright and side by side to reduce wear and tear, thus extending their lives.
  • Install tilted shoe racks or rails so that your collection is easier to see.

Hanging bins and baskets

  • Use bins and baskets to keep bulkier, seasonal items separate. Swim fins and ski goggles should not be stored in the same place! 
  • Install sliding baskets instead of drawers for storing kids’ toys and clothing – the little ones find it easier to locate items and put them away again if they can see the big picture.


  • Keep jewelry items separate. This will minimize damage and your valuables will last much longer.
  • Use vertical shelf dividers to keep sweater piles tidy and prevent them from toppling.
  • In your home office, sort your supplies by type to keep your space efficient: pens, paper clips, and markers all go in their own spots.

Hanging solutions

  • Don’t let your scarves, ties, or belts get jumbled and unsightly. Use hanging solutions such as pull-out racks to hang them all vertically, keeping them organized and easy to sort through.
  • Use a valet rod to hang up your dry cleaning as you put items away, display an outfit for later, or hold your garment bag as you pack for a trip.