Getting Your House Ready For Holiday Guests

The holidays are always an exciting time to welcome guests into your home. But there's a lot of prepping, cleaning and organizing to be done first! Here are some simple steps to get your house ready for holiday guests.

Plan your cleaning regimen

You don’t want to be overwhelmed right before your guests knock on the door.

Plan to declutter in the weeks leading up to their visit. Vacuum or sweep the floors and take out the trash the night before. You can simply wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops with a disinfectant wipe an hour or so before your guests arrive.

It’s important to remember that, while you want a clean house, your guests are there to spend time with you, not give your house the “white glove” treatment.

Also, leave extra toilet paper in a basket in the bathroom. It pays to be prepared.

Clear out your entryways

Stow the abundance of coats and shoes in your entryway or mudroom to make room for your guests’ outerwear. An easy way to do this is to move your summer things to a temporary home. 

Devote certain hooks, shelves or cubbies in your entryway to your guests' belongings and then store yours in your closet or bedroom.


See your home through your guests’ eyes

Make your house look more welcoming by clearing up traffic and seating areas. Piles of newspapers and magazines, extra pillows and blankets on the couch, and laptop computers and accessories can clog your common areas and make your house seem untidy and less inviting.

Go through your house with a laundry basket to collect and store everyday items that make your home look cluttered. Stow the basket until your guests depart and then put the items back where they belong by retracing your steps.        

Enjoy the holiday season!