Create A New Look with Door & Drawer Designs

Storage design is about more than measuring shoe space and arranging hanging rods. It's about creating a look that fits your style and aesthetic. That's where doors and drawers come in - it's amazing how much you can do with just a few different upgrades!

Don't be afraid to get creative! Custom faces and hardware - as well as inserts and dividers - allow you to personalize your storage system and coordinate a cohesive look or create a bold, contrasting design.

Raised Panels

You can go with the contemporary look of flat panels, but for a more traditional look that also draws the eye in, try raised panels on doors, drawers and cabinets.

Raised panels give cabinetry and drawers depth and add visual interest. They can also convey a sense of tradition, classic taste, or romanticism.


Adding a pattern to your storage design creates an immediate emotional response. You can convey an organic, modern aesthetic, a wild, colorful side or a subtle, simple feeling.

Our clients love our Ecoresins because they immediately add personality to a design, and they're made from eco-friendly materials. They're perfect in home offices where you need to feel comfortable to be productive.


It's easy to overlook the practical parts of your storage systems, like door knobs and handles. But the style of hardware that you choose will affect the feeling and tone of the entire design.

Do you like the look of traditional polished brass or is a contemporary brushed chrome fit with your style better? Whichever hardware you choose, remember that those details matter too.

Colors and Textures

White is beautiful. Simple, clean and bright. But colors and textures add vitality and interest to a room.

  Our clients can add a burst of color with our Ecoresins or Italian glass panels (which look gorgeous in master bedroom closets).Our stunning Lago line offers deeply textured panels for that beautiful wood grain look.  The result? Eye-catching sophistication that shows off your unique style.