Back Home: Decorate for Fall

Change of Seasons

The calendar flips from August to September; change is in the air. Our kids go back to school and we start looking ahead to autumn. The weather isn’t cold yet, but bathing suits head for winter storage and the heavy coats begin to come out.

As our mindsets switch from summer vacation to the months ahead, things slow down a bit and move indoors. Our home becomes the focal point of our lives.

Summer is about vacations. Fall is about home. Here are some design ideas and inspiration to create cozy spaces in your home.

Create a Fall Feeling

  • Decorate with rich, warm colors - As days get shorter and nights get longer, create a cozy place to relax that matches the gorgeous colors of autumn's falling leaves. Try shades of crimson, gold or burnt sienna.
  • Bring the outdoors inside with wood grain textures - Woods grains add a unique feeling to a room. Darker tones may remind you of a comfy cabin, a book-filled library or a warm ski lodge. Get inspired by our Lago line of textured wood grains with shades like Venetian Wenge and Roman Walnut.
  • Cuddle up - Arrange colorful, fluffy throw pillows and soft, warm blankets to make darker, cooler evenings more comfortable and relaxing. Try chenille or fleece blankets and brushed cotton or silk pillows in fall colors to add comfort and style to your space.
  • Curl up with a good book - Design a book nook, so you can get cozy with your favorite books or magazines. Arrange your favorite reclining chair or love seat - or design a pillow bench in a bay window. Keep a basket nearby to store your reading materials. Keep the design tidy - and personalized for you.
  • Relax with a glass of wine - Consider a wine center for autumn dinners, get togethers or quiet evenings at home. A well-designed, organized wine pantry is perfect for entertaining as the weather gets colder and parties move inside. Choose a design that fits your entertaining style.