Bedroom Closets on the Brain

Since the coming of modern bedroom closets, these little areas where we store extra clothes and belongings have deeply embedded themselves in the human psyche. Our relationship with bedroom closets goes a lot deeper than anyone might expect.

Life Stages And Bedroom Closets

As a child, bedroom closets were mysterious places where grownups put things. They were dark enough that we could never be sure what they stored or what was lurking in their deep recesses. Monsters lived in bedroom closets, and fantasies like C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia only triggered imaginations when it came to what was behind those hanging coats.

In late childhood and early adulthood, bedroom closets became our own. They were where we stored our secret love notes, diaries, as well as clothes. The phrases “skeletons in the closet” and “coming out of the closet” invoke the role that closets take in our lives as secret places.

Closets represent what we have hidden inside, and as you grow as a person, you should begin to be proud of what you have inside. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be proud of your real bedroom closet, as well. A well stocked and well-organized bedroom closet is for your personal satisfaction and enjoyment alone. Unlike a living room or kitchen that you need to impress others with, your bedroom closet is a personal part of you that shouldn’t make you scared or embarrassed, but proud.

California Closets Will Help You Turn Your Bedroom Closet into One Worth Showing Off

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