Wardrobes in Calgary

As a locally-owned and operated Calgary business, we know that the extreme weather fluctuations provide issues for the wardrobes of all Calgary residents. When the weather can change from bright and hot to dreary and wet in the span of a few days, there is no such thing as a winter and summer wardrobe. The best Calgary wardrobes are those that provide access to all types of clothing throughout the year. Our local designers and local Calgary wardrobe production allow us to create wardrobe solutions that are as tailored to you as your clothes.

California Closets Calgary Belongs in Every Wardrobe

Beginning with the free in-home design consultation, a designer will evaluate your wardrobe worries and prescribe a solution that meets your expectations and storage needs.  Our Calgary wardrobe design professionals frequently encounter residents that believe in order to organize their wardrobe, they need to downsize their clothes.  This wasteful thinking leads many to give up clothes they don’t want and see little gains in terms of extra space.

Our design professionals know that the best way to maximize space is not to focus on what is stored, but how it is being stored.  The design professionals are master problem solvers that can conceptualize new wardrobe organization systems and practices that ensure your wardrobe will never be too small and it will always have room to grow.

Our Calgary Wardrobes Are in Fashion

We welcome you and your wardrobe to the California Closets experience.  Sign up for a free in-home design consultation and we will deliver all of the customer service and design excellence that has made us successful in the Calgary community.