Wall Beds in Calgary

One of the most fun rooms to design is the guest bedroom. Because it will most likely stay in better shape over time, and because of the desire to impress whom one hosts, the guest bedroom can act as the finest display of a homeowner’s taste. California Closets Calgary specializes in wall beds and other spatial solutions for guest bedrooms.

Wall Beds for Calgary’s Guest Bedrooms

One of the most important, but least utilized rooms in a typical house is the guest bedroom. Hospitality is a virtue but many families do not have the space to afford for a bedroom that stays empty most of the time. They might need a home office to run the family business, a play area for growing children, or media room to watch movies together. What will get in the way of using a room for more than a single purpose is the bed in the middle. Beds have the annoying quality of being huge but completely necessary.

But this does not have to be the case. With wall beds from California Closets Calgary your options instantly expand. Seamlessly transition a room from a bedroom into anything else with the ease of a clever lever. The mechanics of wall beds have vastly improved since the slapstick comedy days of silent films, in which a character would get stuck in the wall. They work well and look good: a wall bed can be integrated in the room’s interior, appearing as no more than a closet or media center. 

The Destination for Wall Beds in Calgary

When built right and installed professionally, walls beds provide your Calgary home with more flexibility and functionality. To see how one can be fit into your home, schedule a free design consultation with an expert from California Closets.