Murphy Beds in Calgary

Calgary is not only an architecturally beautiful place but it is also the third largest city in Alberta. With all of those people, it is necessary to keep close social circles. Do not let your smaller apartment hold you back from entertaining guests though! A California Closets Calgary murphy bed is your space saving solution! Initially, a murphy bed seems like it would be an awkward eye sore but California Closets Calgary has an incredible assortment and customizable options to make your murphy bed fit the aesthetic of your home!

California Closets Calgary Murphy Beds Transform Your Space!

It is incredible how much room a bed actually takes up. Our Calgary Murphy bed company will install beds that fold right up into the wall so you can make your home or apartment more utilizable and functional. You will not know what to do with all of that extra space! You will be able to bring the gym home or practice yoga on your open floor space. The amount of dance floor that a Murphy bed opens up will astonish you!

Our Calgary Murphy Bed Company Installs Beds That Are Easy to Use!

Our Calgary Murphy bed company installs beds that operate smoothly so that you do not have to fret every time you want to use it. A few easy steps will have a comfortable bed at your level in no time. 

You Murphy bed will not stick out like a sore thumb. Our design team will match the exact look and feel of your home. Our Calgary Murphy bed company also has breakthrough designs making our beds less noticeable and sleek. 

Transform Your Home Today!

California Closets Calgary murphy beds are solutions to fit any budget as well. Call today for a free consultation. The team will help bounce ideas off of you and install the Murphy bed of your dreams.