Custom Cabinets Calgary

The largest city in Alberta, Canada, and the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games in 1988, Calgary is a vibrant metropolis whose people enjoy good architecture, stunning vistas and multi-faceted neighbourhoods. The residents of Calgary have good reason to be discerning, and they are when it comes to their homes, including storage areas. The reason California Closets thrives in Calgary is due to the many homeowners here that expect their cabinets to perform as well as the other things in their lives. Cabinets that are in disarray, overstuffed and cluttered are unacceptable. At California Closets Calgary, we’re happy to oblige our customers’ sense of style and function by delivering them Calgary custom cabinets that look great and provide the desired utility.

Our Calgary Custom Cabinets Fit You

A custom cabinets Calgary solution is the finest way to ensure that your closets -- the most significant storage areas in your home -- are outfitted to fit both the physical attributes of your closets, as well as your lifestyle.  Just as your cabinets may have odd angles, shapes, nooks and crannies that should be accommodated, so does your home life flow in a certain way that you want your cabinets to support. With 30 years of experience behind us, California Closets excels at making your cabinets fit you better than anyone else.

Choose From Among A Multitude Of Designs

Your Calgary custom cabinets solution can work vertically to maximize the use of space, where we stack drawers and shelves to make best use of such space.  For things seldom used, we’ll store them up high with special shelving, taking advantage of the width of your cabinets. If there’s ample room on the cabinet floors, we’ll suggest storage boxes or integrated cabinets.  We offer a wealth of designs, styles, and storage techniques from which to choose.

One Phone Call We’ll Get You Going

You may never know what you’re missing until you call one of our California Closets Calgary Designers for a free, no-obligation review of your needs and our solutions.  So, call us now!