Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Caledon

It feels good to provide guests with a welcoming and comfortable sleeping space. Not everyone has a guest bedroom, and quite often fold-out couches are more of a discomfort than anything. Giving your in-laws your own bed so you can sleep on the floor doesn’t seem like much of a solution. Fortunately, the modern era has afforded us a significant innovation that handily addresses these issues: Caledon wall beds. Caledon murphy beds represent a major step forward in the world of wall beds. For years wall beds were thought of as undesirable, rickety, uncomfortable and hard to open and close. Things have changed.

Be The First On Your Block

The Joys Of Innovation

Aside from providing a comfortable place for your guests to sleep, Caledon murphy beds are so comfortable, elegant, and easy to use there’s really no reason you can’t use them as your standard bed. The idea might seem silly upon first consideration, but once you’ve laid down on a Caledon wall bed, your tune is likely to change. With a variety of highly durable, elegant looking designs from which to choose, you’re sure to find one that complements your decor perfectly.

Vast Possibilities Await!

Once you’ve installed your Caledon murphy bed, you start to realize just how expansive the use-potential of your floorspace is when a standard bed is no longer dominating your floorspace. If you’ve been looking for a space for your morning yoga routine, look no further. Have a fantasy of having working from home and having you bedroom double as an office? Your dream can be a reality.

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