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Wardrobes are built-in closets that create a storage space where none exists, ideal for bedrooms with small closets or no closet at all. Nothing makes you feel ill at ease in your space like excess clutter; without a closet to store their personal items, most homeowners lack the means to effectively remedy that problem. 

Unlike a ready made, box-type wardrobe, which will be very limited in its storage capacity and will only give you one layout option, a customized built-in closet can optimize every inch, no matter how small or unusual the space. For example, if you have a room with a unique nook or staggered ceiling line, a custom wardrobe can be built to fit perfectly.

In addition:

  • A built-in custom closet optimizes every inch of your space. You will discover storage you never knew you had for everything from extra hanging to shelving for folded items
  • A closet that is designed to suit your specific needs helps you keep track of your items, ensuring you don’t lose things as often. Instead of going through the frustrating process of hunting for that lost shoe or designer t-shirt that is somewhere under a pile of old clothing, you will see all your items easily in your wardrobe and be able to find them at a glance.  
  • A custom built-in closet makes it much easier to keep your closet looking clean and tidy. Gone are the days of piles upon piles of unsorted clothes due to the lack of space to put them away
  • A custom wardrobe not only complements the décor and design of the room with its built-in feel, but also adds some lux to the room – with high-end finishes, accents, and accessories, the possibilities are truly endless. 

 A California Closets built-in closet is the perfect addition to any room that needs a little extra spark, especially when that spark comes with specially designed knobs and pulls and crown molding to really give the room a truly polished feel.


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