Choosing Permanent Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves will last for a very long time. How exactly do you choose whether these permanent fixtures are right for your storage needs?

Are you ready for built-in bookshelves?

Built-in bookshelves offer a lot of advantages over free-standing bookshelves, but are you prepared for the permanence that they bring? Make sure to go through this checklist so you don't regret built-in bookshelves later.

  • Permanent Residence

Are you planning on living in your current location for a long time? Built-in bookshelves are specially designed for your house's unique spaces and can't be taken with you if you decide to move down the road.

  • Location in the Room

Often, there seems to be a space or nook that is just perfect for shelves, but double check that your selected location doesn't interrupt the flow of the room or discourage future shifts of other furniture in the room.

  • Lighting

Unless your room was designed with a built-in shelving unit in mind, you may want to consider how the lighting of both the room and the shelves will be achieved before installation. Many built-in bookshelves can also be installed with lighting units, illuminating both books and display items.

  • Efficiency and Space Maximization

Built-in bookshelves are a great way to maximize storage and display on a wall in an eye-catching, but natural fashion. Spatial efficiency is great for rooms that may otherwise feel clutter or crowded, but not as much for large spacious room that you're trying to fill.

  • Complimentary with Room Design?

Consider how a fitted bookshelf can add character but also dominate the design of any room. Make sure that your built-in bookshelf will blend well with other furniture and pre-existing design concepts. Bookshelves can be uniquely designed to fit in any space and incorporate everything from windows and doorframes to light switches and outlets, so they are inherently very flexible in design. 

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