Brooks Wall Beds

When relatives and friends come to visit, it’s important to be able to provide them sleeping arrangements of which you can be proud. Sleeping on the floor so your in-laws can have the master bedroom is far from ideal. Or maybe you’d rather not dedicate an entire room to a guest bedroom that only gets used a few times a year. What’s the solution? Brooks wall beds from California Closets have revolutionized the wall bed field to such an extent that they give standard beds a run for their money. Gone are the days of rickety, uncomfortable and rust-ridden wall beds that are difficult to open and close. Brooks wall beds from California Closets set a new standard in comfort and design that will have your guests getting a better night’s rest than they ever thought possible.

Out With The Old

"Brooks Wall Beds: The Gold Standard Of Wall Beds


Brooks wall beds come in a variety of designs to accommodate just about any interior design scheme. Whatever your design motif, our Brooks wall beds have a design to match. These beds are so comfortable you’ll start to ask yourself why you even have a standard bed at all. So much floorspace is relinquished to a home furnishing you only use half the time; and when there is literally zero loss of comfort between a Brooks wall bed and standard bed - why not make the switch? 


A Host Of Potential Uses Awaits


If you make the switch to a Brooks wall bed the newly available floorspace you’ll have at your disposal makes all manner of activities possible. Plenty of space for morning yoga routines is now yours. Your bedroom can be repurposed as an art or dance studio, or an  office. Whatever you’d been fantasizing about but didn’t have the space for can be a reality with Brooks wall beds. 

The Best Brooks Wall Beds Company

After many years serving the Brooks community, installing wall beds and other home organization additions we have earned our spot as a local community favorite.