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8 Questions to Ask As You Think About Your Wardrobe Storage

What is the best way to start thinking about developing a new solution for your extensive wardrobe? Do a fun evaluation of your wardrobe needs, preferences, habits, etc.

Ask yourself these 8 questions:

  1. What are my biggest frustrations with how my wardrobe is organized right now?
  2. How do you I get ready each morning? What steps do I go through and which ones involve my closet? How?
  3. How do I use my closet space to store and access my wardrobe? Is there unused space? This is good for determining closet potential.
  4. How would I like to use my closet space? Don’t think just in terms of how you would like it to look, but also how you would like to interact with your wardrobe in your closet.
  5. What would I like my closet to do for me? Don’t try to think in terms of physical or financial constraints. There may be a different way to achieve what you want, but you need to know your ideal situation first.
  6. What would I like to eliminate? Think about which parts of your closet you don’t enjoy or make using it difficult.
  7. How many people use the closet? Do I use the space by myself and my own wardrobe or do I share the closet with another person's wardrobe?
  8. Even with the most efficient use of space possible, would I be able to fit everything I would like to? That is, is my wardrobe too big? It's a scary question, we know! You might have to consider getting rid of that dress you haven’t worn for seven years...

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