Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Brooklyn

We all know that life in the big city comes at the cost of ever-rising rents and a decreased amount of space for those of us who can’t afford newer, bigger apartments. All this often adds up to multi-family homes and a constant struggle to make it work with the space we are afforded.

A Solution For Space: Brooklyn Wall Beds

In these tough times, finding solutions is the only way out of a dark hole of pessimism.  We all have big dreams for the future, and we should never settle for anything less! So here’s a solution to less and less space: get more and more creative!

Brooklyn Murphy beds are one great solution to multi-use spaces that will keep your home still looking like a home.  Often times living rooms provide us with spaces to sleep in multi-family homes.  And, while leaving the pullout couches out is much easier when you’re in a rush, it doesn’t make for good home design at all.

What Brooklyn wall beds can provide you with are spaces that work for many things all at the same time, and look good too!  Our famous Murphy beds can be built into any home structure such as a media center, a bookshelf, or even a closet system.  They are easily assembled and easily pushed back, so clean up is a cinch.  You can even leave the bed made and have it look as good as new when you pull it down.

Your Very Own Brooklyn Wall Beds

We only have one world to live in, so we might as well get creative with the cards we are dealt.  Brooklyn wall beds can provide amazing looking spaces that work for the whole family.  Don’t underestimate the power of design innovations like Brooklyn Murphy beds.  Get yours today!