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Brooklyn has become “hip”, and is not nearly as expensive as Manhattan. No surprise then that over the last several years, Brooklyn, New York has outpaced the rest of the city in attracting creative entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur or free-lancer is tough, and so there’s always the push to become better organized and efficient. There’s no better way to achieve this at home than to get a Brooklyn home office from California Closets.

Be Productive Working From Home

Just try to imagine working from home without a California Closets’ Brooklyn home office customized solution.  Bereft of a home office, do you think you would be more productive lying on the couch with your laptop balanced on your lap?  Or how about sitting at the dining table with piles of papers, reference materials and your laptop competing for space with salt and pepper shakers?  Instead of these unserious attempts to perform work at home, imagine a Brooklyn home office that’s build to stimulate your creativity.  One with the desk, shelving, cable routing and space built for and devoted to optimizing your work output.

Yes, one value to working at home is that the comfortable surroundings help make it seem like work is less like work; the line between work and play is blurred.  But with that reality comes a fine line that must not be crossed to be effective at producing work.  There’s no better way to establishing where the line between work and play exists than to establish a Brooklyn home office.

Our Designers Will Help You Get Started

There are a few important things to consider when establishing a Brooklyn home office that one of our Designers will help you with, such as where to put the office, how to size it, and establishing the appropriate ergonomics for you.  Or perhaps your Brooklyn home office needs to accommodate mixed usage, thereby necessitating a seamless integration with other furnishings and functions.  No issue is too complex that together we can’t design a right Brooklyn home office solution for you.

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