Closet Design Brooklyn Heights NY

Brooklyn Heights is a visual feast of fascinating and historic architectural styles. Mansions, rowhouses, Italianate brownstones and brick Greek Revival houses are just a few of the many kinds of homes that line the streets. While the architecture may be inspiring, however, the closets inside usually are not. Brooklyn Heights denizens seeking to improve their storage situations need look no further than California Closets, the number one Brooklyn Heights closet design company.

The Evolution of Storage

The layout and planning of storage spaces has come a long way in the past 30 years, and California Closets has been at the forefront of the evolution.  The key to a successful closet lies in maximizing storage capacity and making sure that not a single precious inch of space is wasted.  A Brooklyn Heights closet design from California Closets is built specifically to achieve that goal.  Vertical storage solutions ensure floor-to-ceiling storage while a wide variety of storage techniques and innovations give you not only a closet that suits your present needs, but one that can also adapt easily as your requirements change in the future.

A Look You’ll Love

A Brooklyn Heights closet design is not only practical, but can enhance the attractiveness of your home as well.  In addition to getting rid of unsightly mess, your re-imagined storage area can be designed to reflect your taste and lifestyle as designs come in a colorful array of materials, finishes and accents.

An Update You’ll Be Proud Of

Make sure your home’s interior keeps pace with its impressive exterior.  Call or click today for a complimentary in-house consultation with a Brooklyn Heights design specialist from California Closets and get started on the customized storage space of your dreams.