Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Brookfield

The Chicago area is certainly an attractive one for visitors, and if you have friends or family that have made a habit out of visiting every summer, you know how difficult it can be to manage everyone's sleeping arrangements. Guest rooms are luxuries, but when not in use, they can feel like burdens, due to the presence of the mattress inhibiting other uses. Wall beds Brookfield from California Closets solve both of these issues in one go, providing comfort and convenience when guests and around and versatility for when you hope to use your spare room for something other than a bedroom.

Murphy Beds Brookfield: Solutions On Multiple Fronts

For Guests

You'd like to provide your family and friends with comfortable places to rest their heads for the night, while also keeping it easy for yourself. Wall beds Brookfield promise the quick setup of an air mattress without the threat of popping, and the comfort of a full-on mattress without the struggle of having to drag it out of storage. California Closets' Murphy beds Brookfield can handle large mattresses within their custom-designed frames, and employ pull-down or roll-out technology to ensure that anyone can prep themselves for the night.

For You

Our wall beds Brookfield are tucked into our famous closet systems, allowing these units to help you cut down on clutter in whatever room you implement them. As with all of our products, you get to choose the design and functionality of your products. When not in use, they keep the mattress up and out of the way, allowing you to use that spare room of yours as a place to work out, do some crafts, or pay the bills. The gift of extra space is something that you'll relish going forward.

A Complete Home With Murphy Beds Brookfield

Whether for you or for your guests, adding wall beds Brookfield to your home will only make things run smoother. Give California Closets a call today about a free in-home design consultation!