Garage Storage Brentwood

If you open up any regular work desk and examine the organizing system inside you will find the most frequently used items (pens, pencils, post-it notes) tend to be stored front and center where they are easiest to access and as you move further away you will find items that are infrequently used like files and documents. For most people it is natural to organize their desk like this because it is intuitive and efficient. So you would think their garage organization would work the same way – wrong! Garages present problems that are not as easy to solve because of the large sizes and odd shapes of the things that are stored there.

Brentwood Garage Storage: Organize your garage with these tips from the experts

It's easy to let you garage become cluttered and inaccessible. Here are some tips from California Closets Brentwood for helping make your garage functional and organized.

1. Have a look through your garage and categorize the things you don’t really use. You will likely have a list of occasional items like luggage, sporting gear, camping equipment, automotive items, holiday decorations, and garden stuff, which need to be kept and stored properly. But you will also likely have things you hardly use. See whether you can have a garage sale, throw them away or give them away to your nearest Goodwill (create a trash pile and a donation pile).

2. Start grouping your items in the garage according to their category. You might try placing these items in boxes and labeling them.

3. Now think about your garage layout. Items like the recycling bin should be kept near the entrance so it’s easy to take out, and cleaning products should be strategically placed in an accessible spot. Store commonly used items close, and things you don’t use often further away. You should aim to make all your items accessible though and not have to pull everything out to get to it.

4. Consider garage storage solutions from California Closets Brentwood. They have an amazing range of garage storage options that can be customized to suit any garage space and any sized storage item. Stop by the Brentwood store today and let one of the friendly designers take you through the best ways to make the most of every inch of your garage storage space.