Brentwood Custom Cabinets

At California Closets we are proud to celebrate over 28 years of service and excellence in Brentwood. Custom cabinets are our specialty and we continue to strive and make the best ones in the world. Come visit the Santa Monica showroom and see with your own eyes how quality design can create a fresh and luxurious environment.

About California Closets Brentwood Custom Cabinets

What storage project do you want work on? California Closets Brentwood makes custom cabinets for an endless variety of functions and aesthetic tastes.

A kitchen from your dreams

Do you love to cook but hate cleaning up? The celebrity chef shows make it look so easy to whip together a gourmet meal with out making a mess. But what you see on television is not just any kitchen, it is a custom designed cooking environment. A good set of custom cabinets in your Brentwood kitchen will feel like having a third arm. Moreover, when you cook, the backdrop of stylish finishes and accents will make you feel like you are on stage.

Garage versatility

Whether you are a hobbyist, a car enthusiast, a weekend warrior or all of the above, you use you heavily rely on your garage to make your passions happen. But before the fun can begin, you have to be organized and ensure there is enough space for all the equipment.

Meet Your Brentwood Custom Cabinets Specialists

This is where Brentwood custom cabinets specialists come in. They will design a storage system according to your specifications that maximizes every square inch of available space.