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Welcome to California Closets Brentwood

Whatever criteria you use, Brentwood is certainly one of the most desirable places to live in the country.  Great climate, beautifully maintained and in close proximity to all of the recreational and cultural opportunities the Los Angeles vicinity has to offer.    So why does such an amazing area have so many mediocre closets?  If your storage space isn’t everything it should be, it’s time for a storage makeover from California Closets Brentwood.

Your Closet Needs Help

How many times have you tried to get out of the house in the morning only to be delayed by an extremely disorganized storage area?  Poor storage often leaves your clothes hard to find and when you do finally locate them, they’re not fit to wear.  The problem lies in proper closet design, or more accurately, the lack of proper closet design.  Even large, expansive storage spaces won’t adequately serve your needs without an intelligent, functional layout.

We’ve Got the Answers

California Closets Brentwood specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind storage solutions, customized to your specific requirements.  Using vertical storage techniques and devices developed over the past 30 years, we can enhance the value and functionality of even the most challenging storage spaces.  Sit down with a California Closets Brentwood design expert and give them input on your wardrobe and accessories and how you would like them ideally arranged.  You’ll be delighted with how a little ingenuity and a lot of expertise can completely transform your storage area, making it the practical, attractive closet you always wanted.

We’d Love to Hear From You

California Closets Brentwood is happy to provide a complimentary, in-house consultation at your convenience.  Why not make the call?  Give your home, and yourself, the closet you deserve.



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