Closet Systems Boulder

Having served the neighborhood since 1983, we learned a thing or two about how Boulder likes its closet systems. What we have come to appreciate about Boulder is the diverse individuality of the residents, all who have one common thread—home and family are the first priority.

Boulder Closet Systems For Better Homes

At California Closets we share the value that the home is the most important place. Our products work to make space more welcoming to visitors and more meaningful to those who dwell in it. The obvious purpose of custom storage solutions is efficiency. Generic closet are never adequate for the needs of an active household. Sub par storage is no ally in the fight against clutter.

Something that we pride ourselves on is that our products are not only functional but also aesthetic.Our design team is world-renowned, and continues to win industry awards for innovation. Not only are we the company that brought closet systems to Boulder, but we also turned custom closets into a major industry in hundreds of communities all over the globe.

The way we reach the perfect closet systems for your Boulder home is by following your lead. We do not pretend there is some one-size-fits all storage solution, nor that we are the only ones to determine what is beautiful. Our design process connects your intuition and considerations with our resources. The results are staggering and backed up by a lifetime warranty.

The Time is Right for Boulder Closet Systems

With so many options to choose from, there is no reason to wait. We have products for every room of your Boulder home, including closet systems made especially for the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, garage, media center, home office and more! Eliminate the clutter and live your life with less stress!