Wall Beds Boulder City

What do you do when you need to add a bed to your home, but you seemingly don’t have the space for one? Here at California Closets, we believe in being creative with the space a home provides. So, we suggest using Boulder City wall beds to accomplish the task. Take a room that provides one function during the day time, and make it serve another during the night.

Make Your Space Work For You

Whether you have a home office, media center, or living area that you want to continue using, you can still turn it into a part-time bedroom by installing Boulder City wall beds.  These ingenious pieces of furniture will allow you to solve your problem in a functional, aesthetically pleasing way.  You’ll have the bed you’re looking for, as well as the space to do what you want during the day.

The first step in creating your Boulder City wall beds is to take all the necessary measurements.  By understanding what your physical constraints are, we’ll have a sense of what type of Boulder City wall bed would be best for you.  Some homes receive the “roll away” better than the “fold up”, and vice versa.  But, no matter what works well with you home, we can create something that uniquely satisfies your needs, wants and desires.

Take the Time to Organize Your Home

The next step is to create a virtual rendition of what your future Boulder city wall beds will look like.  Take a tour before it’s even been built.  With this technology, you can get a sense of how your room will change once we’ve sent our installation experts out to you.  If you’re intrigued by the possibility of creating your own Boulder City wall bed, then give us a call today.  We’re happy to give you a free consultation.