Closet Design Boulder City

Most homeowners have good ideas about how to renovate their bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, but when it comes to the one room that’s typically overburdened and poorly functioning, people just shrug their shoulders. Do you know what to do about your overflowing closets? Yes, closets are those confusing spaces that simply are not serving you adequately, and yet there’s no clear solution in sight about what to do to make them better. That’s why you need to have a conversation with California Closets Boulder City. We’re the experts in creating custom closets that will maximize the use of your closet space with exceptional Boulder City closet design.

The First Step Is To Huddle With Us

The closet design Boulder City process is very straightforward. First you will join with one of our Design Consultants for an initial consultation with the objective of determining the constraints and opportunities presented by your closets.  At that meeting, we will explore exactly how you now interact with your closet space, how you may like to do that differently, and list all those items that need to be stored in specific closets.

Then We Build Design Scenarios

Next we use our innovative design software to “draw up” various scenarios to review with you.  The intent in this design phase is to examine different Boulder City closet design solutions that make the most of the closet space through the use of innovatively conceived hanging, rack and shelving configurations, as well as inset drawers and storage boxes.  These options will be customized to gain the most from your closet space, and will pleasantly surprise you by their versatility and capacity.

You Get To Choose What Best Fits You

Finally, now armed with all the visual representations of your new Boulder City closet design, you get to choose the one to be installed into your closets.  By being able to rely on California Closets Boulder City’s expertise, your closet redesign experience has been fun and rewarding, because now you have a closet design Boulder City that provides order in your life and looks great as well.

Now’s The Time To Call Us

There’s no better time than now. Pick up the phone and call us.  This is the right day to spend a bit of time to learn about your Boulder City closet design by California Closets.