Closet Systems Bothell

Closet systems are the highest form of storage space. Bothell residents live complex and busy lives, and they rely on custom closet systems. With a multitude of activities and hobbies, they cannot depend on generic storage solutions to accommodate their lives. At California Closets, we pride ourselves on providing customers with products suited especially for them.

The History of Bothell Closet Systems

Three decades ago, custom closets were a specialty craft. Bothell homes could dream of professional closet systems. Escaping the generic storage trap meant finding the few who knew the craft of custom closets. California Closets changed all that by turning custom closets into a major industry.

Our founder came into the craft independently, and in an unexpected way. He was living in the dorms at a Los Angeles university campus and refused to accept the limitations of a college dorm room. He devised storage solutions especially for the dimensions of his room. Efficiency was the name of the game.

Floor mates were soon jealous, and that’s how when he started bringing the joy of custom closets to a wider audience. As a company we have crisscrossed the globe, bringing our products to hundreds of communities. For 25 of of those years, professional closet systems have been available to Bothell through our local franchise. A world-class company is behind the product, and we offer a lifetime warranty to back it up. We believe in the power of beautiful and functional closet systems to transform your Bothell home.

The Future of Bothell Closet Systems

With an eye to the future, we would like to tell you how close your home is to having brand new closet systems Bothell . Everyone imagines what his or her dream home would look like. The magic of customized closets is their ability to help you turn that dream into a reality. We don’t tell you what your house should look like, but instead follow in your lead and offer the best support possible.