Closet Design Bothell

Good design is more than just making something look beautiful: good design marries an aesthetic sense and taste with the ways in which the product is used on a daily basis, creating a functional tool that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Custom Closet Design Bothell from California Closets

We at California Closets Bothell believe that a well-designed and well-organized closet system is not only a beautiful area in a home, but a useful partner in keeping stress and frustration out of the household. After all, no one thinks that clutter and messiness are beautiful, and the negative effects of overflowing and poorly utilized closet spaces can overflow into the rest of the home.

Don’t let disorganization get the best of you. Our expert design consultants will work with you to create and implement the perfect closet design for your Bothell home. Whether you have a huge walk-in, or a smaller reach-in, we can take your existing space and transform it into the most functional and beautiful closet system possible.

First, our design experts will come to your house to evaluate the current space you have, and learn more about what you want and need in your new closet system. Then, our designers will create a 3D representation of the space. This will help you visualize and compare different elements of your new closet. Try out different layout schemes and options, play around with finishes and styles, all without making any changes to your home!

Experience and Expertise With Closet Design Bothell

Our design consultants have experience and expertise that is second to none. Call California Closets Bothell and get a free design consultation today, and see what we can do to make your home more functional and beautiful.