Wall Beds Boise

Are you looking to gain the convenience of a bonus room in your home without costly additions or even a whole new bedroom? One alternative is getting versatile Boise wall beds, which unfold to sleep, and hide away to make daytime space for other uses. Our wall beds are custom ordered to your preferences, and fit to flush with the furnishings of your home when not slept in.

The Sensible and Comfortable Home Upgrade

If you feel like you want to upgrade your home without the glitz and glam and more for convenience and comfort, maybe your home improvement should be Boise wall beds.  They will hide away and allow space to use rooms for other uses during the day, essentially adding a bonus room to the house.  When they fold down, its comfy, when they fold up, they fit seamlessly into the design aesthetic of your home.

Hide a Bed, Add a Bonus Room

The time might be now for the upgrade that will rejuvenate your home.  By shifting from a bed to a Boise wall bed, you’ll be able to hide the sleeping solution away during the day to make space for other uses.  Just think: home gym, office or workspace, extra lounge or library – the possibilities are endless!  You tell us your vision and we suggest the location and design to suit your preferences.

Convenience and Comfort

Who wants to sleep in a creaking bed?  Whether for the growing teen, or dearly loved guest, treat your sleeper to a sound sleep with a quality spring and design.  Your Boise wall beds will come in traditional fold out or modern roll-out designs, but will guarantee the sleeper with an unmatched comfort.  Forget flat springs or creaking at the slightest movement--we provide a quality unit that sleeps like a bed, and hides like a wall.

Don't Wait for Your Wall Beds Boise

If you are ready for a home upgrade that is sensible, convenient, and comfortable, call us today to request a consultation so we can begin planning your Boise wall beds.