Kitchen Cabinets Boise

Kitchen cabinets projects are an especially personal home organization projects. Because cooking is an almost sacred ritual for someone in every household, the kitchen organization must reflect their needs and cooking behaviors. Our most common Boise kitchen cabinet projects come from homeowners who are frustrated with their inherited kitchens. Oftentimes, the kitchen cabinet project is the first thing on the minds of homeowners interested in home organization renovations after purchasing a house.

The Boise Kitchen Cabinets Experts

Boise is a food obsessed city, which means many of our customers take great pride in their kitchens.  Our Boise kitchen cabinet experts have years of shared experience, creating solutions for all manners of kitchens and cooks.  From conception to final installation, our designers will guide you through the kitchen cabinets process.  Sign up for the free in-home design consultation on the website or by calling the Boise showroom today.

After signup, we will send a California Closets design professional to your home to launch you into the California Closets experience.  Our designers will carefully review your home’s style and design and your family’s lifestyle and budget in order to create a solution that matches all of your needs.  The design consultation is one of the most important aspects of the process as it will create a holistic foundation from which to begin the design and customization process.

With our local Boise kitchen cabinets fabrication facilities we can offer customers unprecedented opportunities to customize and experiment with your project.  From material, design, finish and hardware, our customers will have complete control over the final product ensuring all participants are satisfied before the installation begins.

The Best Boise Custom Kitchen Storage Company

As a locally-owned and operated business backed by a national brand with extensive resources, California Closets customers will be given the most comprehensive and fun way to turn the house where you live into a home that you love.