Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Bloomington

Making a bed almost instantaneously disappear from a room is one of the coolest tricks in the home organization world. It is the closest the industry gets to magic. The bed is invariably the centerpiece of a bedroom and it is its largest and most immovable object. Wall beds and Murphy beds bypass these limitations and enhance the spatial capacity of your Bloomington home.

Bloomington Wall Beds and Murphy Beds For Any House

Wall beds and Murphy beds can be found in Bloomington but they are often associated with crowded cities where real estate is so rare that rooms need to have multiple functions. Just because it is a metropolitan feature does not mean that homes in suburbs or other areas cannot benefit from stowing away beds at command.

California Closets specializes in safe, well functioning, and seamless wall beds and Murphy beds Bloomington. Having the ability to convert a room in the house into a guest bedroom is a priceless feature associated. There is no reason to compromise--you can use the extra room in the house as an office and just as easily pull the bed down and host guests.

The children’s room is another great place for such a contraption. Kids always need more space—more space to move around and play, more floor space to make art projects, and a million other needs. A good way to encourage healthy play and creativity is to provide a setting in their own rooms where they can do their thing.

Bloomington Wall Beds and Murphy Beds Extravaganza

To learn about all the wall beds and Murphy available to you here in Bloomington get in touch through the website or by phone and schedule a free in-house design consultation.