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We understand that each client is unique and makes purchasing choices based on their own individual value system. It is our mission to give you an experience second to none with every effort made to exceed your expectations. We have compiled a few facts about California Closets to help you make an accurately informed decision and support your choice to invest in your home or business with a custom California Closets design solution.


We are a locally owned and operated franchise that has been serving the Twin Cities since 1989. Owners Moe Sweeney and Michele Skjei are Lakeville residents who are passionate about unique, high quality design. They employ a team of eight design consultants and four expertly trained installers to fulfill your design needs.  We are a total of 18 Twin Cities residents employed by California Closets, 13 of which have been with the company 5-20 years. Our manufacturing plant and offices are located in Bloomington off the frontage road north of 494, with a Design Studio in Edina. As the originator of custom closets and leader in the industry, we have grown to a network of 79 franchises which provides 31 years of experience and innovative solutions.


California Closets is more than a job. Our employees have pride in the outcome of their work, as they understand their work represents them. Every attempt to accurately deliver our client’s expectations is a part of our culture and value system. Employees treat our clients and their homes with respect because our employees are treated with respect. California Closets provides full benefits to full-time employees knowing that healthy, happy employees who see their work as a long-term career treat clients with exceptional, relationship based customer service. All employees pass a full criminal and driving background check so you can trust us in your home.


California Closets product and services can be found as part of the silent auction list of approximately 40 charity events every year. A few of the local foundations and events we have supported and participate with throughout the year are


Our commitment to excellence is supported by continuing education for all employees. You may find an additional employee “tagging along” during your design consultation or custom installation. Shadowing allows all employees to see how their performance affects their co-workers and the client’s overall satisfaction throughout the entire experience. Sales & Design Consultants go through a 6-8 week training program and our Installers train for 2 months when they begin their career at California Closets. Both groups are supported by a Plan Engineer, to ensure our best effort that all solutions will work to meet our client’s expectations. 

Your style preferences, budget, and organization needs are as unique as you. Our Sales & Design Consultants will always work to come up with the best design solution that fits all of your needs. However, we are flexible due to a large product selection that ranges greatly in price and materials based on what creates the most value to you making your investment decision.

We are not the cheapest solution in the industry and understand that you want to invest your money wisely. We invest in our employee education and the development of new options to bring you the best designs and highest quality product. Our designs have value and therefore are not given away at our appointments without a deposit. This is a protection for clients who have purchased with us based on our investment in design training and CAD technology. We also believe it delivers the best customer experience since your design should always come with the value of a California Closets designer to walk you through and make changes to your design.

3-D CadSoft is an exclusive design program available to California Closets Sales & Design Consultants. This technology offers a clear, 93% accurate depiction of your custom solution. Typically when designing 1-3 spaces, our designers are able to create a design and price within 1-3 hours at your initial consultation. Your time is valuable and we do not want to take weeks or even days for you to view your custom solution. That’s not respectful of your time! When 1-3 hours is not enough time to create your solution due to technical or multiple areas, our Design Studio located in the Galleria (Edina) offers a comfortable, elegant, convenient location for your follow-up appointment. This allows you an opportunity to really understand the product you purchase.

Our clients are contacted by a 3rd party company for the opportunity to give us candid feedback on our performance. You are contacted via phone or email approximately 1 month after installation. It is extremely important that you would feel comfortable referring California Closets to people who trust your judgment and for us to be invited back to your home in the future.

Your respectful feedback and comments are always welcome at California Closets.

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