Experts in Remodeling Bloomington Homes

Many Bloomington and Columbus homeowners undertake home remodeling projects to increase the value of their house, make better use of the space they have, or make key updates that will give their house a more modern look and feel. They'll tackle large projects like kitchens, decks, and master baths -- but forget about the unusual corners of their house that could also use improvement.

Remodeling Your Odd Spaces

California Closets Bloomington specializes in taking those odd corners and turning them into unique, functional spaces that match your home decor and fulfill the needs of your lifestyle. We take a comprehensive approach to remodeling Bloomington houses.

For example, for many of our Bloomington and Columbus clients, we've worked with:

  • Multi-use spaces, like a gift wrap center that also doubles as an extra cabinet and working surface
  • Awkward spaces with varied ceiling heights and unique wall depths, such as those you might find in an attic space or under stairs
  • Storage for collectible items, like dolls, books, platters, and travel trinkets

And what's the use in remodeling if your space doesn't look good? California Closets Bloomington works with you to discover your aesthetic and apply it to these small projects during the remodeling design cycle. But we'll make professional remodeling recommendations, too. For instance, we've found that mixing materials and finishes can add a personable, warm touch -- and that slatwall and fabric board can have a similar effect, as they are both functional, yet decorative.

Remodeling Bloomington -- No Job is Too Small

Call California Closets Bloomington today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, to identify those spaces in your home that we can convert into multi-use areas that are both useful and beautiful. No remodeling job is too small, and there are many projects you can undertake that will neither break the bank -- or your patience!