The Best Closet Organizers in Bloomfield Hills

At California Closets Bloomfield Hills our aim is to listen to you and support you at every stage of the process of organizing your life. Organizing your spaces is an organic process of identifying your unique needs, your space and your items and finding storage systems that perfectly fit your lifestyle. There really is no better way to make the most of your closet space than with closet organizers from California Closets Bloomfield Hills. The in-store design team are standing by to work with you to address your specific storage needs and to provide you with the best custom storage to meet those needs and optimize every inch of your closet space.

Why Choose California Closets?

Closet organizers from California Closets Bloomfield Hills will not only help you organize your closet, they will create space you never knew was there.

Consider some of the many benefits of closet organizers from California Closets Bloomfield Hills.

Efficiency of space

The key to efficient closet organization is never to just throw out your items - the key is to optimize your closet space. Closet organizers ensure every inch of your available storage is utilized to store your exact items.


Effective closet storage means your items are visible and accessible so you can select your outfit for the day at a glance. They are also adjustable and interchangeable so you can rearrange the design organically as your needs change.


No two closet spaces are the same, and the way you use your closet may be completely different to your neighbour (or the other people in your home). With closet organizers from California Closets Bloomfield Hills you can design your closet space not only to store your unique items and to optimize your closet space, but to flow and function according to how you like to live your life.


A recent consumer study by the National Association of Professional Organizers found that in than half of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized in the morning. Imagine what you could do with an exta hour in the day! Less chaos in your closet means less stress in your life.

Stop by California Closets Bloomfield Hills today and talk to one of instore storage designers about your closet space and let them show you how you can transform your closet with closet organizers. Transform your closet and your life!

Troy Closet Organizers For Your Troy Home

California Closets Troy is dedicated to finding ways to serve you better, and we'll do whatever it takes to turn your vision for your home into a reality. Get started today by calling for a free, in-home design consultation with one of our professional Troy closet organizers.